The Hon. Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed’s Statement on the Occasion of the “World Anti Human Trafficking Day”

As the “World Anti Human-Trafficking Day” is marked at a global level in appreciation of the valuable work being done against the issue of human trafficking, it is my primary duty to express sincere gratitude to the people of the Maldives and the Government agencies who assist our efforts to combat this crime against humanity. I pray for Almighty Allah to bless the work we do.

Human Trafficking is a gross violation of human rights which involves the illegal trade of people for forced labor and their enslavement and exploitation. The recruitment or transportation of a person by means of deception or coercion, and other practices similar to slavery are all acts of human trafficking. Global crimes of human trafficking involves prostitution, forced labor, illegal trade of human organs and other activities of human exploitation. The fact that the atrocious crime of human trafficking has become a global industry which turns over 30 billion dollars annually is disquieting.

As a hundred percent Moslem nation committed to our faith and conviction and because Islam places great emphasis on human dignity, it is the legal and judicial duty of each individual in our society to campaign against this deplorable crime.

As a developing country, we provide a conducive environment for human traffickers; a breeding ground for their illicit activities.  For this reason, the Supreme Court of the Maldives has launched an initiative of special programs against human trafficking. As part of the initiative, the “Colloquium for Judiciary on Trafficking in Persons” was held in May this year and further activities against human trafficking are planned for the latter half of 2016 and 2017.

Some of the activities planned for this year include the provision of maximum protection to the victims of human trafficking, consultations and workshops with relevant authorities to determine the aspects of national level programs to be conducted under the campaign, an Action Plan Against Human Trafficking for the Judiciary and the publication of data on human trafficking in the Statistical Year Book of the Judiciary. In addition a special report on human trafficking will be issued by the Judiciary, Judges of friendly nations will be invited for a conference on the issue, a Male’ Declaration Against Human Trafficking will be decreed and a regional campaign against human trafficking will be launched as part of the Judiciary’s initiative.

As we resolve to strengthen our fight against human trafficking, our aim should be to close all doors which lead to this dehumanizing trade, to be alert to the actions of the agents of the crime and to do everything we can to eliminate all traces of human trafficking from our society.

I pray that Allah Almighty defeat the evil actions of human traffickers, to give us victory in our fight against the crime and to bless our beloved nation with human dignity and everlasting peace.


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