The Criminal Court Premises to be Expanded

In order to solve the issue of space, it has been decided to move the Criminal Court to the former STO Building at Haveeree Hingun.

A total of 07 Judges and 93 staff work at the Criminal Court. On average over 70 cases are registered monthly at the court. Unlike other courts the Criminal Court handles many hearings daily. On an average the Criminal Court operates 18 hours a day.

In the current space allotted to the Criminal Court at the Justice Building there are 6 court rooms

The Criminal Court currently operates from the ground and first floor of the Justice Building. There are 6 court rooms available in the current space provided for the Court in the Justice Building. The court rooms, judges’ rooms and staff and administrative area of the Criminal Court currently operates from a space of 9000 sq ft. The space available to carryout the operation of the Criminal Court is not the most viable and secure space for its operation.

With the shift to the STO Building there will now be 12 Court rooms available

With the shift of Criminal Court premises to the STO building now they will have 3 floors of 6 court rooms and an additional 6 court rooms and with the inclusion of the building to the north of this premise the Criminal Court will have a total of 12 court rooms and 18000 sq. ft. of space.

Safety measures will be in place when the Criminal Court is moved to the former STO building

The space available for Criminal Court at the Justice Building is not the most viable, safe and secure environment for the operations of the Court. Hence necessary safety facilities will be established at the former STO building for when the Criminal Court is moved there. In this respect walk-through security gate will be put in place and security maintenance using metal detectors will be facilitated.

The department has spent more than 5.5 million Rufiya to set up the former STO Building for the work of Criminal Court.

In 2013 the refurbishing of the former STO Building “madhanee Vehi” was planned in order to facilitate the needs of the Criminal Court. The Department of Judicial Administration has spent more than 5.5 million Rufiyaa to refurbish and update the premises.

With this change the Civil Court can now function from one building

While the Criminal Court is being shifted to the former STO premise, certain sections of the Civil Court are currently functioning from there. The dispute resolution division, the sentence implementation section, section related to the islands courts, agreement registering section and record section of the Civil Court function from this building.

Once the Criminal Court is shifted to this building, the sections of the Civil Court operating from this building is planned to be shifted to the Justice Building. With this change the Civil Court will have a total of 13 Court rooms, inclusive of the 6 Court rooms on the ground floor and first floor previously utilized by the Criminal Court and with the existing 7 court rooms currently in use by the Civil Court. This change would also provide much needed additional space for Civil Court operations and also all works of the Civil Court can function from one building.

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