Suspension on Uz. Hunsu Suood of S. Meedhoo, Hasankaarige has been Lifted

The announcement number L/2016/144 – 198 (31 October 2016) of this Department which informed Uz. Husnu Suood of S.Meedhoo Hasankaarige, ID card number:A053050 of his suspension from representing in the Courts of the Maldives from 31 October 2016 has been lifted and the permit to represent in the Courts of Maldives issued from 08 November 2016.

Uz. Husnu Suood of S.Meedhoo Hasankaarige was temporarily suspended from representing in the Courts on 31 October 2016 for repeatedly violating the procedures and orders of the Supreme Court of the Maldives and tweeting contrary to the decisions of the Courts, disreputing the Judiciary and news items in the media which gave reference to Uz. Husnu Suood were actions which disrepute the Courts and these actions violate Article 3 section 3.2 (a), (c) and (d ) of the Lawyers Act of Maldives and hence he was suspended till the case was concluded.

Uz. Husnu Suood was informed of the decision to temporarily suspend him from representing in the Courts and on 07 November 2016 he was advised and cautioned to not repeat these actions.

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