Reports which Claim that a Decision has been Reached to Conclude that the People’s Majlis Seat is not Lost, are False



False reports are circulated stating that a ruling has been issued and the member of the Dhidhoo constituency retains his seat.

Request Made by the Complainant

Article 74 of the Constitution states that any question concerning the qualification or removal, or vacating of seats, of a member of the People’s Majlis shall be determined by the Supreme Court however the Elections Commission on 19 July 2017 decided that the People’s Majlis member of the Dhidhoo constituency, H.A Dhidhoo, Funamage Abdul Latheef Mohamed’s seat is now vacant and the by election for the constituency has been arranged, this decision by the Elections Commission is in contravention to Article 30(a) and 26(b) of the Constitution which ensures the basic rights and freedoms and Article 13 (q) of Act number 2013/04 (Political Parties Act) and Article 18(a) of the Political Parties Regulation and Article (a)3 of the Operational Procedures of the Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) and the decision of the Supreme Court of the Maldives in ruling number 2017/SC-C/17 and court order number 2017/SC-SJ/09, and hence request to cancel the above mentioned decision of the Elections Commission and to decide that Abdul Latheef Mohamed is the Dhidhoo constituency member for the People’s Majlis and until the Supreme Court of the Maldives deliberates and reach a decision on this matter or until the Supreme Court orders to act in a specific way in regards to this matter he shall remain the Dhidhoo constituency member to the People’s Majlis and to order the Elections Commission, and employees in all relevant state institutions to stop all tasks being carried out to organize the by elections of the Dhidhoo constituency.

Decision by the Supreme Court in Regard to the Matter

The Supreme Court of the Maldives decided that the matter has been submitted in accordance with the regulation of the Supreme Court and to permit for the submission of the case to the Supreme Court. And to register the case within 3 days of the permit being issued.

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