Press Statement of the Criminal Court

The peace and harmony established in the Maldives is through the hard work of the distinguished officials of the state and by the invaluable work of many parties who wish well for the nation, however work is seen to be carried out;

  1. To threaten the peace and harmony,
  2. To create discord among the people and create distrust in the hearts of the Maldivians towards officials of the state and state institutions,
  3. To disrepute the three powers of the state,
  4. To create divisions among the people of Maldives,

Some journalists working for certain newspapers have been working in this direction.

Certain articles are written in a manner which supports terrorism. The Criminal Court calls on all journalists to immediately stop any such activity.

Furthermore, the Criminal Court will take action against any person who through their writings aim to disrupt and undermine the peace, harmony and sovereignty of the nation.

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