Participating in the Workshop Held to Disseminate Information Against Human-trafficking

The Department of Judicial Administration and the Civil Court have participated in a workshop held to disseminate information on the legislation against human trafficking, it’s subsequent guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOPs)

The workshop held at Hotel Jen yesterday, was a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Economic Development and the International Organization for Migration.

Director, Mohamed Ali Mohamed and Assistant Legal Officer Uz. Suhad Adam represented the Department of Judicial Administration while Civil Court was represented by the Assistant Legal Officer of the court Uz. Nuha Abdulla.

The workshop highlighted the efforts made by the Government against human trafficking and the progress achieved in this regard during the last three years, since the enforcement of the Anti-Human Trafficking Act in the Maldives in December 2013.

The workshop also shared the concept and related aspects of the legislation, it’s penalties and victim identification guidelines with the participants.

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