One Day’s Salary of Judges and Staff of Judiciary Donated to Muslims of Rohingya

In order take part in the activities carried out by state institutions and various other parties to provide assistance to the Muslims of Rohingya who are suffering inhumane atrocities in their country of Myanmar, the Judges and staff of the Judiciary decided to donate their salary of one day to Rohingya Muslims to provide them with financial assistance.

The Judiciary collected a total of 325,615.67 (Three Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand Six Hundred and Fifteen Rufiyaa, Sixty Seven Laari) which was donated to the “Maldivians with Rohingya Muslims” activity organized by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs. The donation from the Judiciary was received by Dr. Ahmed Ziyad, Minister of Islamic Affairs.

Our prayer is that people suffering atrocities in all corners of the world find peace and the hearts of the perpetrators of such cruelty be filled with compassion and all corners of the world remain peaceful.

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