Maldives E-court Management System (MEMS)

Maldives E-court Management System in use by all tiers of courts of Judiciary of the Maldives creates an easy-to-use, streamlined, electronic court case handling process and is uniquely designed tomeet all varied and challenging judicial sector needs. It enables the judiciary to improve the justice system by automating court processes, monitoring case activities, and supporting decision-making through the use of real-time data and analytics.

Maldives E-court Management System provides a complete set of functionality that includes online data entry, analytics, reporting, workflow management and systemadministration comprising of administrative components such as employee information system, payroll management, inventory management and mail management in addition to judicial processes. As backlogs of unprocessed cases are a major challenge for court systems with limited resources, with the electronic data entry capabilities of the system, users can enter new case records and also update and save existing case records in a fully searchable database. Senior officials can view an audit trail indicating when a case file was modified and by whom. The processes and workflows of a case management system are unique to each individual court.

The system’s powerful workflow feature allows administrators to set up the filing, processing, approvals, appeals, reproduction, and editing of case documents based on court regulations and protocols. This feature expedites case processes by helping to define stages, roles, and permissions associated with case management. Document templates enable court staff to easily create and edit subpoenas, warrants, affidavits, orders, and decisions. An important aspect of any case management system is managing case loads, scheduling, and measuring the time between case filing and disposition.

Maldives E-court Management System’s calendar module allows court officials to schedule hearings, arrange tasks and notifications, and set meetings for themselves or other court staff. Tracking court performance helps to bring accountability, increases public trust and confidence in the judicial system, and enhances the rule of law. Maldives E-court Management System’s reporting module automates the production of customizable reports, lists, charts, and “Public Views” allowing the controlled publication of performance information, and increased transparency and accountability. Reports, charts and graphs can be exported to Word, Excel, PDF, etc. The system stores, tracks, and archives legal documents in a secure and organized manner so they can easily be viewed, retrieved, and/or attached to relevant cases in the court case management system.