Lawyers to be Sworn-in tonight, 60 Percent are Women

139 lawyers will be sworn-in and awarded licenses to practice law in the Maldives, at a ceremony to be held in Dharubaaruge in the evening. This is the first ceremony of its kind being held under the Regulation on Issuing License to Practice Law in the Maldives and in accordance with Articles 4 and 5 of Ruling No. 03/SC-RU/2015 of the Supreme Court.

Sixty percent of the new batch of lawyers joining the legal fraternity of the Maldives are women. 83 women and 56 men will receive their licenses and take their oath in the ceremony. The Chief Justice Honorable Uz. Abdulla Saeed has a vision to develop the Judiciary as a sector which accords equal opportunities for women. In this respect, over sixty percent of employees of the Supreme Court and the Department of Judicial Administration are women.

The Department of Judicial Administration frequently conducts training programs aimed at empowering women. An awareness based training program on domestic violence was held recently. The department also held a colorful celebration to mark International Women’s Day.

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