Judicial Innovation Lab


The Judicial Innovation Lab is a project carried out to assess and research experiences of the Judiciary. The project is carried in consultation with the Chief Justice of the Maldives.

The major projects being carried out by the Judicial Innovation Lab include;

  • Work related to the measures being implemented to ease the backlog in courts
  • Increase the case clearance rate nationally and increase the rate of case clearance to a level higher than the present.
  • Work of the Judicial Clinic to alleviate the barriers to the provision of justice and access to justice.
  • With the use of various mediums disseminate information related to the judiciary and introduce measures to address complaints from customers.


It is the aim of the Department of Judicial Administration to develop services using electronic means to provide a more efficient and accessible service to the public.

With assistance from the courts the judicial administration is carrying out the work to make court schedules available and easily accessible to the public through a simplified application, crime record checking to be made available from 196 courts within a day and install electronic systems for case filing.