Court Rulings to be Published to International Standards

The Judiciary is constantly working to create awareness on the sector amongst the public and to share information related to the Judiciary. In this respect information on the Judiciary is brought to the public via TV, radio, websites of the Judiciary and the Courts and in addition to this information is shared via the social media. Work is also being carried out to make information on court rulings accessible on mobile applications.

In order to provide easy access to information for legal research, work is being carried in collaboration with Lexis Nexis and under a signed agreement to publish court rulings to international standards. The practical work of the first phase of the agreement on publishing rulings of the Supreme Court has been completed. The Dhivehi version of the Supreme Court rulings which are to be published in two volumes will be released this year. Work on the English version of this is also ongoing.

The first copy of the first volume created under the first phase of the project was gifted to the Chief Justice of the Maldives Hon. Uz. Abdullah Saeed at the special reception held to mark the 9th anniversary of the Supreme Court of Maldives on 18 September 2017.

In the 2nd phase of the project, the rulings of the High Court of the Maldives will be published.

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