Construction Work in Progress for 15 new Magistrate Courts

In the effort to develop the infrastructure of the Judiciary, construction work of 15 new Magistrate Courts are in progress. The project which estimates its cost at around 16 million is being handled by the Department of Judicial Administration. If work progress according to the schedule, the 15 projects will be completed within 2016 and operation of the Courts will be transferred to the new buildings.

The new Courts buildings include a Court room, rooms for the Magistrates, staff area, conference hall and a special waiting area for lawyers. Also a special waiting area has been assigned for police officers who escort persons held in remand to the Court rooms.

Construction work is currently undergoing in the following 15 Magistrate Courts;

  1. D Nellaidhoo Magistrate Court
  2. A Filladhoo Magistrate Court
  3. D Kumundhoo Magistrate Court
  4. Kanditheem Magistrate Court
  5. Feevaku Magistrate Court
  6. Rasmaadhoo Magistrate Court
  7. Fulhadhoo Magistrate Court
  8. Kendhoo Magistrate Court
  9. Dhiffiushi Magistrate Court
  10. D Maamigili Magistrate Court
  11. Hulhudheli Magistrate Court
  12. Kimbidhoo Magistrate Court
  13. Fonadhoo Magistrate Court
  14. Maabaidhoo Magistrate Court
  15. Dhambidhoo Magistrate Court

As per the budget allocated to the judiciary, Islands where new courts will be constructed are determined annually based on the number of cases lodged at the Court and also the population of the islands. In the effort to provide easy access to justice to the people the issue of space faced by the Magistrate Courts are being addressed and work is being carried out to provide bigger premises to the Courts. A total of 26 new Magistrate Court buildings have been completed by 2015 in various islands and operations have begun from these premises.

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