Conference on Islamic Shariah to be held

The Chief Justice of the Maldives Honourable Uz. Abdullah Saeed has proposed to hold a Conference on Islamic Shariah in the Maldives.

In the discussions held with the Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr. Ahmed Ziyad at the Supreme Court of the Maldives, Chief Justice Abullah Saeed proposed to organize a conference in the Maldives with other  Islamic countries on the topic of “Islamic Legislation in the Affairs of State and Judicial Power”.

The aim of the conference is to understand how Islamic legislation is aligned and codified to address issues faced by modernisation in Islamic societies, and to study how Islamic legislation is enforced in countries using a moderate approach.

In this respect the Chief Justice indicated that the codification of Islamic legislation in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and other Islamic countries would be one of the objectives of the conference.

The Chief Justice also highlighted that the conference will be organized by the Supreme Court in collaboration with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs.

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