Acting Chancellor Appointed to Judicial Academy

cial Academy

26 April 2016

Uz. Ahmed Majid of Gnaviyani Atoll Fuvahmulah has been appointed to the post of Acting Chancellor at the Judicial Academy of the Maldives.

The appointment was made on 26th April 2016 under section 4 of the Rules of Procedure governing the academy.

Uz. Ahmed Majid is a graduate of Shari’a and Law at the Maldives College of Higher Education and has a Master’s Degree in Shari’a and Law from the International Islamic University in Malaysia. He has served at the Judiciary for over 6 years and has filled posts at the Department of Judicial Administration, at the High Court and at the Supreme Court.

Since 2010 Uz. Ahmed Majid has been teaching Shari’a and Law at the Diploma and Degree programs conducted by the colleges and universities of the Maldives. Furthermore he has provided consultation on a number of induction programs for the judges and other trainings held for the staff of the Judiciary.

Prior to being appointed Acting Chancellor at the Maldives Judicial Academy, Uz. Ahmed Majid had filled the post of Deputy Legal Officer at the Supreme Court of the Maldives.

The Maldives Judicial Academy was instituted by the Supreme Court on 31 August 2015 to carry out the mandate of providing ‘Continuing Judicial Education’ for the judges, lawyers and staff of the Maldives Judiciary.

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