A Database is Being Created to Manage Marriage and Divorce Statistics

A special database is planned to be created to oversee information on marriage and divorce vital statistics managed by the Judiciary.

The information on marriage and divorce need to be updated daily and it is important to be shared with the relevant authorities on real time. The reason being that the information is vital for state institutions in selected social work and activities they carry out.

This database is scheduled to be created at the earliest possible and made functional in all courts of the Judiciary by the end of this year.

In the network enhancement project of the Judiciary which began in 2016, a total of 101 Magistrate courts were connected last year. Under the project the remaining 86 Magistrate Courts will be connected to the network this year.

Once when all Magistrate Courts are connected under the project the official software of the Judiciary, Maldives E-Court Management System (MEMS) will be implemented. Once when this is arranged, through the official software of the Judiciary access will be given to the vital statistics database and through the software the information will be automated and the database will be updated daily.

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